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SWP is the native token for the SWProtocol platform. A 100% transparent and traceable open-source ERC20 token.
SWP ecosystem
SWP is a protocol built on top of the Ethereum Blockchain, a decentralized financial platform (DeFi).
SWProtocol provides a dashboard of crypto and financial operations, where users can easily lending, borrow, reward, swap cryptocurrencies and manage detailed operations.
Token Details
Token Name: SWProtocol

Token Type: ERC20

Price pre-sale: 40$ = 1 SWP

Lock: 3,500 SWP for 1 years

Team: 500 SWP lock 3 month
Token Ticker: SWP

Total Supply: 10,000 SWP

Circulation Supply 6,000 SWP

Token Address: 0x709ca71ebf34a3635bc7086d90f50f711b91c782

Address Crowdfunding ETH: 0x276f8ABdE8D88aA6Ea9dfFa406d11eCFC66f2715